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Sport Psychologist | Expert in psychological impact of injury | Specialism in elite football



Managing Director | Conversation starter | Mentor| Recovery Coach


Misia has worked within academia and elite sport for all of her professional life. Throughout this time she has been an integral part of the development of the profession of sport psychology

Both within academia at Brunel University but also with many external sport agencies. Over the years she has played an instrumental role in the development of the profession. Misia was a founder member of the British Olympic Association Psychology Advisory Group and a senior consultant to The FA for many years.

As a sport psychologist she has worked with Women’s Senior National Football Team. Indeed she was the first sport psychologist appointed by The FA to support any national team. During the six years that she worked with this team she attended numerous events including; International qualifiers, European and World Championships.

Recent research collaborations have been with PFA to explore the psychological consequences of long-term injured players, and has published in this area. Overwhelmingly this research shows that long-term injury is a mental health concern for elite athletes.

Currently she is a consultant sport psychologist to Wycombe Wanderers where she has developed new protocols for long-term injured players to ensure that they receive appropriate psychological support throughout their recovery. Misia has developed- The RETURN protocol which has psychological support integrated into players physical rehabilitation programme.

Nick is a former professional ice hockey player, a live sports broadcaster and an entrepreneur who now runs Re-Tribe.

 The fears he faced in his childhood enabled him to develop defence mechanisms that turned into his assets, allowing him to achieve success at a young age, yet leaving him feeling like a fraud and imposter. To mask these feelings of inadequacy, Nick turned to alcohol use. Losing all of the material gains, moving from country to country, including a short trip to prison, Nick found himself living in Toronto, Canada dying of alcoholism. It was there that he finally admitted defeat and said two words that saved his life. Those two words were “Help Me”. He then embarked on a recovery programme that is the foundation stone of his life today.

The gift of sobriety has given Nick a purpose in life, to help others. Re-Tribe supports sports and corporate environments in building community and reforming the culture and the systems of accountability through a transformational programme called Tough Through Tender. He also volunteers in his recovery community and as a junior ice hockey coach and athlete wellness advocate for the English Ice Hockey Association. Nick creates awareness of his work through his newly launched podcast, Tough Through Tender Conversations.

Gavin Johnson

Business strategist and acquisitions


Gavin is a professional Javelin thrower who has represented England, an abstract artist, and author of the self-development book, ‘The little book of empowerment.

His relationship with sport has always been a strong one, having competing in a wide range of sports including, Chinese kickboxing (wus hu kwan), rugby and tennis, but during his economics degree he fell in love with track and field athletics and decided to dedicate his life to it.

His dedication to sport helped him immensely to deal with early life traumas, giving him strength when he felt weak. The structure it provided allowed him to learn the tools needed feel successful, and his many awards and medals are a testament to this.

Through a great deal of self-reflection, he realised he had a gift of helping other gain stability in their lives and move forward to their goals. He decided to take a course in coaching which inspired him to write the self-development book mentioned previously. He has the outlook of looking at adversity as an opportunity to learn and improve circumstances.

This has led him to join the Re-Tribe team, an organisation whose values and ambitions align with his. He believes that his life experiences and the tools he has learned will offer a unique insight into solving problems organisations and individuals face on a daily basis.


Our programmes are designed as an experience to be lived, realised & witnessed, so we feel it’s better to share results from some of our clients…

“It’s hard to put into words how incredibly important both the group and 1:1 sessions have been for my mental and emotional wellbeing over the last 9 months. Not only are all the sessions, both group and 1:1, well run and engaging, Re-Tribe is incredible. Re-Tribe’s demeanor, openness and ability to help shift one’s perspective from a place of compassion has allowed me to become both a better employee and overall human being.”

– Mel, Online Sales

“Re-tribe has helped provide me with tools to manage high stress situations and worklife balance. I find the sessions have great value, and allow me to
pursue my professional and personal life with a “refreshed” mind.”

– Rob, Online Accounts

“Re-Tribe is helping me develop as human being as well as professional.
Their unique ability to connect and to communicate to wide groups as well as individually, it is giving a clear, positive contribution to my mental health in this rough time.”

– Massimo, Customer Support & Sales



Say the sessions provide a safe, inclusive space for them



Experience an increase in focus and productivity at work



See changes that improve their work-life

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